• Sightseeing

  • Hicking

  • Tennis / squash (10 mns walk) 

  • Horse riding (5 km)

  • Golf course (5 km)

  • Kayaking / boat renting (50 km)

  • Ballooning (10 mns)

  • Rock climbing

Image above : "les Mourres"

A few steps away from the Villa, les Mourres is a very unique site. Several millions of years ago, the region had many great lakes. The rocks were at the edge of one of these lakes, hence their unusual shapes.


Side image : typical provence market

These markets come in all sizes and are full of choice products. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds and colors, the full range of herbs and plants both fresh and dried, goat cheeses, olive oil, honey and jams, but also pottery, soaps, clothes and wooden carved items.

5 avenue des Lavandes


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